Monday, February 12, 2007


Welcome to the Blog.

I will be writing stories about My Life, My work, My Boss, My Better Half, My thoughts, My dreams, My farts, My opinions and anything else I can think of.

It will be funny, sad, tragic, glorious, glamorous and most of all, entertaining

Herlock Sholmes


N said...

am i the only one left in the world who thinks that refering to farts is crass?

Rider of Rohan said...

I think sherlock, I mean herlock wants to talk about his farts coz next time someone in the room does really fart, we can recognize its not one of his technicolor productions!

I would never refer to farts in my blog, or even talk about it in public. Its just such a 'farty' word.. that fart!!

Noblese said...

Welcome back! Sure missed your posts.